UK aircraft production takes off to record levels

Data published by trade body ADS Group shows that 1,397 aircraft came off UK production lines, representing an increase in value of around £3 billion on the previous year. Delivery levels are 44% higher than in 2010, while commercial aircraft production has grown by nearly 50% since 2009. Business Secretary Mr Sajid Javid said: “The UK aerospace industry is a soaring success and the Government recognises the importance of this vital sector. Aircraft deliveries have increased for a fifth successive year and are now worth up to £23 billion to the economy. “By committing an extra £900 million in aerospace R and D (research and development) up to 2026, we’re giving the aero industry the chance to reach new heights.” ADS Group chief executive Paul Everitt said the figures demonstrated that the UK’s aerospace industry was a “national success story” and makes a “significant contribution to growth and prosperity”. He added: ” The record rise in delivery rates reflects growing global demand and the benefit of long-term investment in skills, technology and productivity.” Over the past six years the increase in orders for new aircraft has seen the backlog nearly double. Delivery rates are expected to increase this year as manufacturers raise production in a bid to meet demand.



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