Here’s How ISRO Will Use Space Technology to Solve Karnataka’s Water Woes

The Minister and his team have already held talks with noted scientist and honorary professor at ISRO, Mr Sivathanu Pillai. He plans to meet ISRO chief A.S. Kiran Kumar next. According to reports, certain satellites have sensitive devices that can identify underground water sources and take high resolution images of the same. These satellites will also spot water resources like ponds and lakes and collate the data for the government. Based on the data received, it will take steps to conserve and augment water resources in the country. It will also take measures to drill borewells in the areas suggested by ISRO. Almost every year, Karnataka is hit by a drinking water crisis. This year, even before the summer has set in, nearly 8,000 borewells in the state have gone dry. As many as 600 villages in the state, particularly in north Karnataka, depend on tankers for the supply of drinking water. This year, the Government has earmarked Rs. 544 crore to tackle this crisis in the state.

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