DRDO ready with anti-terrorist vehicle technology

Bhubaneswar: India is now ready with its indigenously developed Anti-terrorist Vehicles (ATV) that can withstand any kind of attacks during anti-terrorist operations in cities. Developed by Vehicles Research and Development Establishment (VRDE), a laboratory of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), the ATV can carry three combatants equipped for operations. The vehicle, weighing around three tonnes provides all-round protection from small arms and hand grenades. It can move around in a hostile environment especially in buildings, small gullies and constrained spaces of hideouts providing an edge to thwart attacks. The DRDO has urged Indian Industries to submit proposals for Transfer of Technology (ToT). Industries interested for the technology will scale up production of the ATVs. A senior official of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) said the ATV has been trial evaluated by the users and is ready for production. “Though the ATV technology is now available for three versions – tracked, wheeled and low-noise electric, the proposals have been sought for the tracked vehicle and DRDO has five licenses to offer to industries,” he informed. The armoured vehicle was conceptualised in the aftermath of the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack. After years of research, the Ahmednagar-based VRDE has developed the agile, compact with weight and dimensional profile and highly manoeuvrable armoured vehicle adequately protected for a hostile environment. The ATV has situational awareness provision and six firing ports. A top hatch in the vehicle helps security personnel to exit in an emergency. The vehicle can be employed in the corridors of hostile terrains where it is difficult to operate in a normal wheeled vehicle. “The armoured vehicle has a very low turning circle diameter, which enables it to turn around itself within a limited space. It has all-round ballistic and blast protection, better firing capability and is equipped with varied requirements to carry out the counter-insurgency operation in urban areas,” the official added. The tracked version of ATV has already been tested ballistically and has also undergone a series of successful grenade trials. Compact vehicle · Can accommodate 3 combatants · 360 degrees revolving · Can move on tracked as well as on tyre · All round armour and bullet proof glass protection · Blast protection · Can climb step of 7” height

 Source: The Indian Express

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