ISRO looks for a name to stamp on lunar surface after Chandrayaan-2 mission lands on Moon

India’s Moon mission Chandrayaan-2 was quite a feat. However, it was a disappointment when India’s Moon mission to the unexplored south polar region of Earth’s natural satellite was called off due to a technical snag. Chandrayaan-2 was supposed to launch early morning on July 15 2019, but a technical glitch forced the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to call off the launch. Later, it was launched on July 22 2019. Now that the six-wheeled Pragyaan rover and Vikram lander are finally on their way to the Moon, Indian Space Research Organisation is looking for a name to stamp on the Moon after India’s lunar mission lands on the Moon successfully in September, 2019. “We are looking to name the location Vikram lands at. We are selecting a name, we still have time for that,” ISRO chairman Dr K Sivan told “There is shortlist of names. We are in the process, we will pick a name,” The TOI report also mentioned that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to give the name that will be etched on the landing site. The Chandrayaan-2 mission will help India and world broaden the horizon of human knowledge. Chandrayaan-2 mission will explore the dark side of the Moon after it lands on the cosmic body’s south polar region. Chandrayaan-2 will help expand India’s footprint in space, inspire a future generation of scientists, engineers, and explorers and surpass international aspirations. Chandrayaan-2 is an advanced version of the previous Chandrayaan-1 mission, which was launched about 10 years ago.


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