Rupee fall helps NAL secure orders for autoclaves

The depreciation of the rupee against major currencies like the dollar may be giving sleepless nights to various importers and policy makers. But, it is having a very positive impact on the National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), a wing of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). With composites coming into greater use in the aerospace sector, the need for those studying aerospace engineering to know about working on composites is becoming imperative. It is here the falling rupee is helping NAL gain orders for its autoclaves. Autoclaves are mostly imported and are quite costly too. The autoclaves made by NAL come at half the price. These orders are coming from colleges that teach aerospace engineering or teach students to work on composites. The first indigenous lab scale autoclave for aerospace applications is ready at NAL and is to be shipped to IIT‚ÄźKanpur. While the design of the autoclave is by NAL, the mechanical systems are from UCE, Mumbai, and the control systems come from Datasol, Bangalore. According to Dr GN Dayananda, Chief Scientist, NAL, the lab scale autoclave is nearly half the cost of the imported ones at about Rs 50 lakh.

Source: Business Standard

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