FGFA project to highlight India’s growing aviation technologies

The Indian version of the fifth‐generation fighter aircraft (FGFA) being developed with Russia will be lighter, more powerful and less visible to enemy radars than the original Russian version, according to a senior executive at Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. India will modify and customise the prototype Russia has developed independently. “While the Russian version of the FGFA is all‐metal, ours will have wings and empennage [vertical and horizontal stabilizers] made of composite materials,” said Managing Director of MiG Complex at HAL Mr S.Subrahmanyan. “The use of composites will reduce the plane’s weight and give it lower signature. Our version will also have more advanced Indian‐made avionics,” he told at Moscow Air Show‐2013. He is leading a HAL delegation to the biannual show being held from August 27 to September 1. “Thanks to these improvements, we will get a better and more powerful platform,” he noted. The FGFA will be India’s biggest and most ambitious defence project and the largest joint venture with Russia. Earlier this year, the two sides completed the preliminary design of the FGFA and are now negotiating a detailed design contract.

Source: Hindu

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