Civil aviation sings a ‘short is sweet’ song

Short‐haul is the new long‐haul in civil aviation as more players rush into the regional connectivity space considering the huge potential and space for growth. The decision by public sector units like Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), which is primarily a military aircraft‐maker, and chopper‐maker Pawan Hans to pursue a fixed wing development programme is indication of the growth opportunities available, despite the current slump in the sector. Currently the ninth‐largest aviation market, handling 121 million domestic and 41 million international passengers annually, India is touted to become the third‐largest civil aviation market by 2020. And with large parts of the country still unconnected by air, it is clear that India, with its 1.2‐billion population and giant size, is a bandwagon that everyone wants to hop on to. With large industries cropping up in remote regions due to easy availability of land, the concept of regional connectivity has gained special significance.

Source: Indian Express

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