Two aircraft carriers to extend navy’s blue water footprint

With the Russian origin aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya (Admiral Gorshkov) slated to join the service in November and the ageing vessel INS Viraat receiving a fresh lease of life, the Indian Navy, for the first time, will have two carrier‐battle groups‐a flotilla comprising one aircraft carrier, one destroyer, one tanker and a couple of smaller ships‐that act as a mini‐naval force. For decades, the Indian Navy dreamt of building three carrier battle groups. The first part of the dream with two carrier battle groups will soon be a reality, creating a new military power dynamics in the Indian Ocean region. Another round of refit at Kochi and Mumbai shipyards has extended the life of the INS Viraat by another three years. Currently anchored at Mumbai, the Viraat, with its fleet of Sea Harrier fighters, will sail in July once the monsoon sets in.


Source: Deccan Herald

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