DGCA forms team to review Dreamliner safety

With Japanese airlines grounding all their Boeing 787 aircraft for thorough checks, India has decided to do a safety review of the aircraft as Air India has also been facing technical glitches in its Dreamliners. The DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) formed a technical panel to examine the issues affecting AI’s six B-787s, but as of now there is no move to ground them. While AI maintains that it has so far not faced any issue that affects safety on the Dreamliner, the airline’s engineers and pilots are checking the aircraft before each flight. It will do as advised by Boeing or US Federal Aviation Administration as DGCA will also base its recommendations on the basis of what these two say. DGCA chief Arun Mishra said, “We are taking all details from Boeing and AI. As of now there is no move to ground the Dreamliners here but we are constantly monitoring the situation,” Mr Mishra said.

Source: Times of India

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