Indian aerospace firm delivers 1000th electrical panel for Boeing’s Apache

An Indian aviation firm has achieved dual milestone with Boeing by delivering the 2000th harness for the Osprey and the 1000th electrical panel for the Apache of the global aerospace major, the company said.  Boeing India in a statement said, it “remains committed to investing in India’s supplier capability and a local workforce across manufacturing engineering services, training and skills-development, to create a world-class aerospace ecosystem in India”. Rossell Techsys has been a long-standing Boeing supplier in India, since 2013, the global aviation bellwether said. The contract for AH-64 Apache components was awarded to the Indian firm in March 2017, and the V-22 Osprey components in August 2017. In January 2019, Rossell delivered the 15,000th wire harness to Boeing for the AH-64 Apache, it added.  Boeing also partners with Rossell Techsys on skilling initiatives to prepare a future ready aerospace workforce. These curricula and initiatives are training workers on aerospace-relevant skills to support India’s growing aerospace ecosystem, it said.


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