Over 630 scientists left DRDO in past 6 yrs: Antony

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) are no longer attracting best scientific minds. More than 630 scientists have left the organisation in the last six years. The Government claimed they left the organisation due to personal reasons and also due the fact they got lucrative offers in other organisations. As DRDO is the premier scientific organisation of the country engaged in the development of strategic weapons and allied systems, the Government is now making efforts to reverse the trend of brain drain by offering better career progression opportunities. “Scientists who had resigned had indicated their personal or domestic grounds as the reasons for leaving DRDO. However, it is assumed that increased opportunities/ incentives available in other organizations/ industries are the main reason for such resignation,” he said. Listing out efforts to attract best talent to DRDO, the minister said the government is now giving performance related incentive scheme to DRDO scientists on par with scientists of Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). Elaborating upon other crucial steps taken to reverse brain drain, Antony said two additional increments are now given on promotion to new grade, six variable increments on promotion granted on fast track, professional update allowance to all scientists, fast track promotions through assessments and opportunity to acquire higher qualifications at reputed institutions like IITs as DRDO sponsored candidates.  Moreover, incentives like Young Scientists, Scientist of the Year and other DRDO awards in recognition of their contribution is also implemented, and he said adding excellent infrastructure facilities were created at work places and residential complexes to boost the morale of scientists. The parliamentary consultative committee attached to the Defence Ministry has repeatedly suggested to the government to allow the DRDO to focus on a select few strategic projects to improve its productivity and enable it to meet deadlines and avoid cost overruns and produce world class products.  The Government also set up Mr Rama Rao committee some time back to recommend changes in the working of the DRDO and most of the recommendations like incentives were accepted. However, the Committee’s recommendations about financial powers of DRDO chief are yet to get Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) nod. Responding to a question about “huge amount” of autonomy given to DRDO because of its strategic nature of work, Antony said DRDO is a subordinate organisation under the Department of Defence R& D in the ministry of defence and governed by central government rules. Therefore, DRDO does not enjoy any special powers or autonomy, he said.  He informed MPs that revised delegation of financial powers of DRDO chief was carried out in 2010 to address a long standing requirement. The process of exercise of these powers was further rationalized and a corrigendum was issued by Department of Defence on November 21, 2012 as a partial modification to the earlier financial powers as issued on July 30, 2010, the minister said.


Source: http://www.dailypioneer.com

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