NAL confident of desi civil aircraft project taking off

Saras, the Light Transport Aircraft (LTA) developed by the National Aeronautics Laboratories(NAL) completed a successful 40-minute flight, bringing back hopes of a revival, even as no funding has been committed so far. The project, which was first conceived in 1989 was to be shelved after the aircraft’s infamous crash in March 2009 but was given a second chance by the Centre in late 2016, the announcement about which came in Aero India 2017. TOI caught up with NAL Director Mr Jitendra J Jadhav, who spoke about the challenges of Saras and other programmes. Jadhav said they reviewed the flight data from Wednesday and yes it was a complete success, but before going into production we will need at least another 15-20 flights to have enough data to begin the limited series production (LSP). Once we have that data, we’ll be ready to move into producing three LSPs production. The second flight is scheduled for January 31, 2018.


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