Sukhoi hopes to sign deal with Tata for making airplane parts

Singapore, Feb 17 (PTI) Russias top aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi hopes to sign a partnership with Tata this year to manufacture key airplane parts for its 100-seat Superjet which it aims to market in India, an official said today. Talks are at crucial stage with Tata Advanced System which will include outsourcing manufacturing of the aircraft parts, said Eugene Andrachnikou, senior Vice President for sales and marketing at Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (SCA), producer of Sukhoi Superjet 100  The partnership with Tata, which will be part of Make in India initiative, will also involve SCA investment, sharing of technology and knowhow as well as procurement of the parts for the plane, he said. “We are aiming to sign a partnership with Tata this year, Andrachnikou said, adding that once all specifics are agreed, production of SSJ100 parts would start soon given Tata Advanced Systems wide range of industrial production. The SSJ100 is the first 100-seat jet with a full fly-by- wire system, designed to optimise handling, reduce flight crew workload and maximise fuel efficiency. Speaking at the Singapore Airshow 2016 today, Andrachnikou said SCA had also initiated discussions with Indian airlines on deploying the SSJ100, which is designed to carry 100-120 passengers over a distance of 4,200 kilometres. “We expect to put about 50 SSJ100 in the Indian market with the next three to five years,” he said, highlighting that India remains an attractive market for the superjet. The SSJ100 has the flexibility of operating in the low- travel season and compliment during the peak travel for airlines, Andrachnikou said. SCA has already supplied 20 SSJ100 to Interjet, Mexicos low-cost airline, and another 10 would be handed over within this year up to the first quarter of 2017. Tata manufactures aerostructures and components for several global Original Equipment Manufacturers at its facilities in Hyderabad. PTI GS CPS AKJ CPS

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