First of HAL copters to fly in 2018

Asserting that the new helicopter factory was no ordinary unit, Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi today announced that the first of the copters would fly in the service of the country in two years. Speaking after laying the foundation stone for Rs 5000 crore Helicopter Manufacturing unit of the public sector Hindustan Aeronautics Limited here, Mr Modi said that he had given a clear instructions to the HAL that the first helicopter should be airborne in 2018 and this unit was certain to emerge as a global cynosure asthe unit would be producing 600 Helicopters in 15 years. In an era where Defence forces required the best and latest equipment to firmly secure the borders of the nation, this village in Gubbi taluk would be producing the helicopters to be used for providing medical relief to the soldiers at work in remote areas of the country. The Prime Minister said it was Government’s intention that the Defence forces should not only have best arms and ammunitions aided by quick and rapid transit facilities comparable to the best in the world but these equipments should be manufactured in the country. This was the reason the government was insisting on making the purchases only if the seller will make these equipment in India. India, he said was making defence purchases worth billions of dollars and it was only fair for the country to expect these crucial and critical equipments were made in India. Many suppliers were willing to produce in India. Recalling the slogan ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kissan’ coined by former Prime Minister Mr Lal Bahadur Shastri, Mr Modi said the proposed unit would not only be helpful to the jawans in the defence forces but also the farmers as well. He said even well to do farmers dreamt of branching off theirwards to industry or some other regular income earning avocations tocushion the family against uncertain returns from agriculture. It was for this reason architect of the Constitution Dr B R Ambedkar favoured industrialisation as it would provide livelihood to the depressed sections without a lands of their own. Acknowledging Karnataka Government’s cooperation in providing the land for the helicopter unit, Mr Modi said his Government will be investing Rs 5000 crore for the unit which in turn will provide 4000direct and indirect jobs.



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