First indigenous S-92 helicopter cabin by TATA Sikorsky JV

MUMBAI: The India joint venture established between Tata Advanced Systems and Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation announced that its S-92 helicopter cabin production in India has become 100 percent indigenous.  “The India operation is not only assembling cabins but also producing all parts needed for the assembly, before shipping the cabins to the U.S. for aircraft completion and customer delivery,” said a press statement issued by the company. The S-92 helicopter cabin and more than 5,000 associated precision components are made at Hyderabad through a strategic collaboration between Sikorsky and Tata Advanced Systems Ltd (TASL). Sikorsky is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.  The Tata-Sikorsky India JV also announced the Hyderabad facility of TASL completed another significant milestone in October by producing its 50thS-92 helicopter cabin. The TASL facility now has the capacity to produce up to four cabins a month and is responsible for future design modifications, the release said. In June 2009, Sikorsky and TASL entered into an agreement for production of S-92 helicopter cabins in India, and in November 2009, Sikorsky and TASL entered into a joint-venture for production of more than 5,000 detailed aerospace components in India, thereby establishing two manufacturing facilities in Hyderabad. Both facilities commenced production within two years of signing the agreements and today constitute an important part of Sikorsky’s global supply chain. The S-92 helicopter cabins from India are shipped to the US for final assembly, and the completed helicopters are delivered to customers globally.


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