Soundcoat Introduces New, Lightweight ML HY Soundfoam® for Aviation and Aerospace Industries

Soundcoat is pleased to announce the launch of its newest product, Soundfoam® ML HY, a light-weight, flexible, open-cell, Basotect® G and UL based foam with excellent acoustic and thermal qualities. This new foam has been specifically developed for the aviation industry and is on the Boeing Qualified Product List (QPL), meeting the stringent BMS8-385c (Grade 1 and 2, Type 1 and 6) standards.  The primary use of Soundfoam® ML HY is aviation acoustic and thermal insulation and soft interior padding. Current designs utilize glass-fiber based acoustic and thermal products. These materials tend to settle over time from vibration and absorb moisture causing weight increases over the life of the aircraft. Soundfoam® ML HY has hydrophobic/water repellent properties. The combination of low density and water resistance make it ideal for installation in aircraft reducing overall weight helping manufacturers deliver fuel efficiencies.  In addition to being water repellent, Soundfoam® ML HY also has oleophobic/oil repellent properties and exceptional resistance to flames meeting FAR 25.856(a). It does not drip upon ignition, ceases to burn after removal of the source of ignition and produces a minimal amount of smoke, making it suitable for applications where fire safety is a concern. “We have been working on development of Soundfoam® ML HY for a number of years,” states Mr Sandy Nenninger, Chief Executive Officer of Soundcoat. “It’s a foam that when used in the production of new aircraft, make them both more affordable to operate and more comfortable for passengers. Our engineers have collaborated closely with aircraft manufactures throughout the design and manufacturing process to ensure Soundfoam® ML HY meets their evolving needs.” Soundcoat is currently the only company capable of treating full buns of raw foam material. Once treated, Soundfoam® ML HY can be ordered in full buns, sheets, or peeled and delivered in rolls to enhance production rates, decrease labor costs and minimize waste, simplifying the overall manufacturing process. Customers can also order Soundfoam® ML HY with decorative and protective finishes including PEKK, PEEK, Kapton®, Tedlar®, Nomex®, Nomex®/Tedlar®, Metalized Polyester and more. Since 1963, Soundcoat has collaborated with customers in the aviation and aerospace, transportation, off-highway, marine and medical industries to design and engineer industry-leading acoustic and thermal control products. Soundcoat’s comprehensive approach to acoustic and thermal management from problem diagnosis, to product engineering to production and ongoing quality has positioned the company as a premier supplier of foam technology around the world. Soundcoat is proud to be ISO-9001-2008 and AS 9000 registered, as well as a Boeing Gold and SpaceX Platinum supplier. A broad range of in-house capabilities ensure products are available with or without adhesive, laminated, coated or embossed, cut to size or delivered in sheets, rolls or buns to meet the exact specifications of each customer. Soundcoat is part of the Recticel Group, a Belgium based company and a leading global polyurethane foam producer. Recticel has 110 establishments in 27 countries.


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