Indian warships ‘naked’ sans antisub choppers

Chinese and other submarines are fast stepping up their forays into the Indian Ocean region (IOR) but India continues to drag its feet in acquiring advanced helicopters that operate from warships to detect, track and kill such underwater predators. The irony is that while the Navy is on track to induct four‐five major warships every year over the next decade, with as many as 40 ships already on order in domestic shipyards, the anti‐submarine warfare (ASW) helicopters to provide them with “close in protection” are nowhere in sight. The Navy currently has just 11 Kamov‐28 and 17 Sea King ASW helicopters to defend its existing fleet of over 180 warships from enemy submarines on the prowl silently. While the Sea Kings are over 20 years old, the Kamou‐28s are long overdue for a mid‐life upgrade.

Source: Times of India

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