HRD Ministry launches free online library

The Ministry of Human Resources Development has launched a free online library for school going students on Tuesday here, throwing open educational resources that would help several thousands of school goers in the country.  The National Repository of Open Educational Resources (NROER) developed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), currently offers resources for students of class I to class X.  Learning materials offered in the site  are in different formats, from concept maps to videos, audio clips, talking books, multimedia, learning objects, photographs, diagrams, charts, articles, wikipages and textbooks.  For class IX and X students, the NCERT has so far made learning resources available in science, history, geography, political science, economics and mathematics.  The repository currently offers learning resources in Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit and mathematics for elementary classes.  Resources in environment science have been made available for students of class II to class V, social science for class VI to class VIII and science for class VI to class VIII. The repository allows users to download, share, comment and rate media resources. The NROER seeks to make learning resources available in the repository in all the subjects and grades in multiple languages. “We will add more content for all the class within this year,” an NCERT official said. In addition to the educational resources, the repository also plans to let users enrol in various online courses and contests.  “School education has in the recent times witnessed immense growth. Having promised our children the right to education, leveraging technology is important to expand school system,” HRD Minister Mr M M Pallam Raju said after launching the repository here. The repository turns out to be an excellent resources for teachers too. “It is a comprehensive digital repository of quality educational resources that can be used by teachers in teaching -learning process,” an HRD Ministry official said. The NROER serves as a platform for teachers to create content that can be local and tailored to the children’s needs. The teacher-made contents are uploaded after review. “The idea is to make a wide range of resources available to teachers so that they use the ones appropriate to their teaching style and suitable for the students’ needs, besides aiding subject learning,” a NCERT official said.

Source: Deccan Herald

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