INSAT-3D integrated with french launcher

The INSAT-3D satellite of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has been successfully integrated on to the French-built Ariane 5 launcher. The satellite, which will aid in meteorological observation and monitoring of land and ocean surfaces, has been slated for launch on July 26. The satellite will carry a six channel imager as well as a 19 channel sounder along with built in systems to assist in satellite aided search and rescue operations, a statement from Arianespace said. The launch window for the mission is between 1:23 am and 2:41 am (IST) on July 26. The Ariane 5 will also carry the Alphasat communication satellite developed by Astrium. The launch will take place from the space port in French Guiana. The INSAT 3D will be launched weeks before ISRO launches its GSAT 14 satellite onboard the GSLV D5, featuring an indigenously built cryogenic engine, which is scheduled for launch in August.

Source: newindianexpress

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