Avinash Chander – the long distance missile man

If India’s missiles have successfully achieved the fire (Agni) power and long strike distance, credit to a large extent has to go to 62‐year‐old Mr Avinash Chander. A dedicated Defence scientist, Mr Chander has been stewarding the country’s long‐range Agni ballistic missile programme for a decade. In this period, the successes, especially of Agni V (the inter‐continental ballistic missile), have made even China sit up and take serious note of India’s missile‐strike capabilities. Soft‐spoken, simple, focussed and committed, Avinash Chander will take over as the Scientific Adviser to the Defence Minister and Director‐General of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), from Dr V. K. Saraswat. His appointment for three‐year tenure was announced in New Delhi.

 Source: Hindu Business Line

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