Airport may finally get solar fence this week

NAGPUR: After much wait, Nagpur Airport might finally get the promised solar fence in the coming week. The fence, which was to be ready by mid March, is in its testing phase. Some work is also supposed to be completed in the next few days after which the regular usage of the fence is expected to begin. “Testing is on for about 75% of the fence. It was important as there are so many people who will be working around the fence. So, the entire staff needs to be briefed about it. As weekends are off for many a staff we will begin the actual usage of the whole fence only after Monday,” said a MIHAN India Limited (MIL) official. Earlier, the solar fence was scheduled to be in place by December, but its installation was pushed further to mid January. Even then, the installation was postponed to mid March. Officials said that the testing began on 15-16 March. Before that they had maintained that the work was on schedule. “The fence usage will being before Holi,” said the official. While speaking to TOI in January, an MIL official had informed that the length of the solar fence would be 7.8 km around the runway with gaps only near the taxiway where guards will keep a tab on straying animals. The fence will give a sharp, but mild and safe shock of 7-9.9 kV DC current to an animal coming in contact with it. The fence is supposed to be first of its kind in the country. “A solar fence exclusively around the runway is a first of its kind. Other airports might have solar fences covering the entire or other parts of the operational area,” said the MIL official.

Source: Times of India

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