“What is puzzling is that when a move was made to take Aero India out of Bangalore, the state government went overboard to retain it. But its reaction to a problem that could lead to a situation forcing the air show out of the city has been passive,” said an IAF officer. Chicken and other animal offical are used extensively as feed in the illegal fish breeding centres in Razakpalya, about 3 km from the station. Birds drawn by the offal have ended up crashing into the aircraft several times. “Razakpalya is located where the aircraft circles before approaching landing. We don’t want an accident in the run-up to the air show, raising the possibility of it being shifted out of the city,” the officer added.


Aero India is back, but two years down the line, little has been done about bird-hits plaguing Yelahanka Air Force base. Catfish breeding farms just a few kilometers from the air base have posed a threat to aircraft. But despite many warnings, nothing has been done to move the farms elsewhere as political heavyweights are involved. It is big business too, with the fish being exported as far as China. The authorities should realize the dangers involved, if they want to host a big-ticket event like an air show. There is bound to be a workable solution: move the farms away from the air base, make it a clean and organized business so that even those involved in the breeding lead quality lives.


Source: Times of India

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