ISRO opens its doors to space debris janitor

Mr Sourabh Kaushal, the 22-year-old engineer who made his wish to clean up space debris public through BANGALORE MIRROR (Young engineer plans to be space saver, Nov 20), wrote back to the paper saying the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has agreed to meet him to discuss his theories. Mr Kushal said, “I have been trying for three years to get to meet ISRO scientists, but in vain. I guess the BANGALORE MIRROR story helped.” He is scheduled meet with scientists at ISRO’s headquarters in Bangalore later this month. Space debris is basically small pieces of junk floating in outer space that can be a serious hazard to both astronauts and satellites. “We need proper guidance from ISRO experts in our upcoming research work because without that I think it would not be possible to implement techniques. “We have already proposed new techniques, mathematical calculations and now we need proper experts’ help to design and implement. I really want India to be the country that will give some good technologies/techniques to mitigate space junk from space.” Technically, space junk refers to solid pieces measuring more than 10 cm found in the lower orbit. “The outer space industry is going through exponential change. From the latest spectacular landing on Mars, to talking about mining asteroids to space tourism, the next decade will propel mankind to a new future that very few have imagined,” he added.


Source: Bangalore Mirror

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