New thrust to making indigenous aircraft engines

Veterans from the country’s premier military and civil aeronautical development agencies have come together to give a new thrust and a roadmap to making Indian engines for future Indian aircraft. At present, four or five powerful and expensive foreign engine brands keep the country’s aircraft flying. But India should shake off this dependence and fly its own engines. The future requirement of all aircraft programmes could total several thousand engines, costing an estimated ₹3.52 lakh crore in the coming years, a former Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) official said at the first gathering of the group, the Society for Advancement of Aircraft Propulsions (SAAP). Dr K. Tamilmani, former Director-General (Aero R&D) of DRDO, said, “The country should form a national body to focus on aero engine development. It could be similar to dedicated agencies created for realising the LCA fighter and missiles.” Public agencies and labs such as Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., National Aerospace Labs, and DRDO each have their own activities to develop engines for small and pilot-less planes, trainer aircraft and helicopters. That these efforts could be woven together to get better results was a common view at the gathering.

 Source: The Hindu

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