Defence Lab develops depth detector for rescue operations

Tarangini, as the device is named, is an underwater depth and bottom hardness indicator that gives the user a fair idea of the depth and nature of bottom surface of a water body. Mr. Azeez was working on an airborne (dunking) sonar system project when the Palachuvadu accident took place. Along with colleague Mr Eldho Jacob, he moulded the technology in a scaled down manner, tapping resources from the lab’s technology incubation cell to fashion the instrument. Tarangini has its industrial prototype developed, tested and calibrated at various water bodies. A market-ready version is under development with Kaynes technology, Mysore. The National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, was roped in to do the ‘product styling’. The lab intends to launch it through the Accelerated Technology Acquisition and Commercialisation programme, a joint initiative of the DRDO and FICCI.


Source: Hindu

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