AeSI holds technical meet in Hyderabad

The Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI) organised a Technical Meet and Aerospace Luminary Lecture, which saw nearly 400 eminent scientists, engineers, industrialists and professionals from the sector here. Dr VK Saraswat, Member NITI Aayog, said: “Miniaturisation will be the key in all the futuristic vehicles. We need to pursue cutting-edge research in hypersonics, propulsion, stealth and many niche technological areas. We need to embed cyber security in aircrafts for communication, transmission and data storage.”Dr G Satheesh Reddy, Director General, Missiles and Strategic Systems and the Chairman of AeSI, Mr Ajit Kumar, Vice Chief of Naval Staff, Mr Satya Gautam, Head Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Credit Ms Vidya and Mr Vinay Kumar, Co-founder and CEO of Invenzone, were present.


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