Isro’s 100-acre space park to attract pvt players

Senior Isro scientist Mr M Annadurai said that a 100-acre space park will be inaugurated near Whitefield in Bengaluru later this year, which will provide private players the infrastructure to take part in spacerelated projects. Pointing that the space sector is a good opportunity for private industry, Mr Annadurai said, “The space park will see a lot of firms already working with Isro use our infrastructure and become partners.” The land and infrastructure is being provided by the space agency . He said that as the number of launches increases, it is important for private industry to increase its capacity . “The 100-acre facility is there for those who cannot do that by themselves,” he said. “In the future, there will be a lot of work that private industry will do. Such a park will be needed.” Over 70% of the control systems of the PSLVC30), which launched the Astrosat, was made by the private sector. More than 150 large and small industries contribute to any PSLV launch.



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