‘Make in India’ in defence sector heading towards success

Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s concept of Make in India appears to be bearing fruit so far as Indian defence sector is concerned. Is it not scandalous that a country like India which builds its own nuclear reactors, produces its own ballistic missiles, puts its Mars probe in its proper orbit in first attempt only, a world record, has to buy 65 per cent of its defence equipment from abroad? This is happening when the defence production sector of the country has a white elephant like DRDO, 6 large dedicated defence PSUs, 4 large shipyards, 52 state of art defence laboratories, and 39 large ordinance factories. Despite all this India has to purchase $60 billion dollar worth of arms in last 15 years from abroad. If nothing is made in India then in next decade India will be buying another $120 billion dollar worth of arms. What is unfortunate in this country is that the people, the aam adami of India is not security conscious. They do not question the netas leaving everything to the government in power. Otherwise why people till date have not been asking this question from the political party which ruled this country for maximum time in last 68 years of our independent history, that is the Congress party? How come the new Indian prime minister Mr. Mr. Narendra Modi wastes no time and takes a decision as soon as he came to power eight months back that we will make all this in India in public-private participation? Till now private sector of India was denied the opportunity in defence sector because of political considerations and patronage. All the defence PSUs were money guzzlers with no accountability and neck deep in corruption producing yesterday’s weapons toady at exorbitant costs. After the announcement of Make in India concept by Mr. Modi and enhancing FDI in defence production to 49 per cent, the first major Defence Exhibition Aero-India 2015 is taking place in Bangalore where on 18 Feb it will be inaugurated by PM Mr. Modi. This will be a five day event. What is really heartening is that more than 330 foreign Armament companies including all the Global Majors are coming to this exhibition with their best arms hardware to produce in India. 270 Indian companies are also participating. There will be 72 aircrafts on display. Maximum number of these companies, about 64 are from US, followed by France, UK, Russia, Israel and Germany. All world top guns like Boeing, Air Bus, Lockheed Martin, BAE systems, Israel Aerospace and Dassault Aviation are throwing their best hardware. Five foreign defence ministers, six foreign military chiefs and over 60 official foreign delegates will be there. This just proves the point that where there is will there is a way. Reason why India till date was not producing anything worthwhile was because all major purchase deals struck abroad also come with goodwill money or in simple terms commissions which reportedly goes to the party in power in their accounts in Swiss banks. After all elections will have to be fought. With ‘Make in India’ all this will not be possible. In the bargain the armed forces of the country will get best of arms and the people will benefit by large scale job creation, transfer of technology and creation of infrastructure. Most of the country will be self sufficient. Nobody will be able to twist our tail on supply of spares.


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