New Indian radar offers aircraft protection against bird hits

A new Indian radar – a global first – offers protection against the menace of aircraft bird hits while another can detect and track unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the company that developed them said. The company is eyeing domestic and international markets. The two radars, among the four indigenously developed, are to be unveiled at the Aero India 2015 exposition at Bengaluru later this month, Mr. Sanjay Bhandari, founder chairman and managing director of OIS-Advanced Technology (OIS-AT), told reporters here. The other two radars are a foliage penetration minefield and IED detection system, and a portable ground surveillance radar system for military and homeland security applications. “We have worked diligently over the past few years to create our own intellectual property to invest, design develop and manufacture these advanced technology radars,” Mr. Bhandari said. “It is with great pride that we are launching these four advanced radar systems for global markets, in essence taking Indian intellectual property and manufactured product to advance our expanded vision of taking Make in India to the world,” he added. Giving details, he said the 3D bird detection system has an impressive deterrence option, using directed bio-acoustics (sound) and an eye-safe laser, both of which are automatically controlled by the radar system. The UAV detection system, Mr. Bhandari said, can, at the click of a mouse, be automatically tuned for latching onto the drones or even high-speed fighter aircraft and helicopters. “Unlike most air surveillance radars today, it includes a unique sense-and-avoid feature to identify UAVs that may be on a collision course, allowing the controller to take remedial action,” he added. The foliage penetration system can identify people with weapons and other assets from a fixed-wing aircraft or a UAV. Mr. Bhandari said.

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