Unmanned aerial vehicles: A look at upcoming players

Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are making an impact across sectors and market. The market size for them is expected to reach $33.5 million (Rs 203 crore) by 2019. In India, a number of startups focussing on this new age technology have set up shop. ET’s Malavika Murali takes a look at a few of the upcoming players in the country


Micro -Weighs up to 1 kg. The maximum endurance is 60 minutes

Small – Weights up to 15 kg. Capable of flying for more than 2 hours

Medium – Has an endurance of 5-10 hours, and carry a payload of 5-100 kg

Large – Northrop Grumman’s Global hawk has endurance of 27 hours which can fly at 60,000 ft


What It Does – The Bangalore-based company conducts training sessions on design and development of UAVs for students and builds parts for National Aerospace Labs and the Defence Research and Development Organisation. Investments – The startup is in talks with MNCs and NRI. It was contacted by the French Trade Commission (UBIFRANCE) last month for potential collaborations with European drone makers Latest Developments – It is 3D printing parts, such as battery compartments, camera housing, electronic wiring connectors and structural elements. Signed deal with Karnataka-based Adhiamman College of Engineering to set up a drone research and manufacturing facility.


What It Does – A Mumbai-based company that does affordable aerial drone photography and gives ‘recommendations’ to businesses and industries through analysis of the aerial data. Clients include K Raheja Corp, Reliance Energy, Kalpataru and APM Terminals. Investments – The startup is looking to raise venture investments this year. Latest Developments – The drones are now custom-made and include a range of fi xed wing and multirotor UAVs and can carry different payloads.


What It Does – Custom-made drones, make-your-own-drone kits and drone accessories are sold both online and offl ine by this Chennai-based startup for Rs 11,000 to Rs 5 lakh. Clients mainly comprise drone enthusiasts, hobbyists, students and also certain local army units. Investments – Indian film and television technology company Real Image Media Technologies invested Rs 20 lakh. The company is in talks with angel investors from Bahrain and Dubai and is looking to raise investments in about four weeks’ time. Latest Developments – The company is now looking to introduce drones into the film industry. It is launching two types of drones in the next two weeks


What It Does – A Hyderabad-based photography and advertising company that has used drones for aerial photography and videography.Investments – The founders are in talks with individual investors and are hoping to raise a Rs 30 lakh investment by October this year. Latest Developments – The startup is looking to expand its base to Bangalore and Visakhapatnam by the end of this fi scal.


What It Does – Singapore-based Garuda Robotics set up by 21-yearold Indian Pulkit Jaiswal sells drone software. Investments – The startup has raised venture funding since last year and is in talks with investors for potential investments. Latest Developments – Is looking to introduce agricultural drones by the end of the year. The systems will track the chlorophyll levels of crops in the air.


Has built Nethra UAV in collaboration with DRDO and has the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), the Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force and the police forces of about three states as customers.

Source: http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com

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