IIT-Kanpur to launch lightweight UAV in August

KANPUR: IIT-Kanpur will launch a portable unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in August this year. The light UAV does not require a runway. It can prove to be of immense help to police, army and other security agencies for patrolling in the border areas. Traffic can also be monitored with its help. It will fly at a low height, so an eye over the wildlife in the jungles can also be kept. This portable UAV can be carried in a bag. The technology involved in the making of the UAV is mostly indigenous. According to Prof Deepu Philip, co-principal investigator, the work on the UAV has been going on since September 2013. This project will cost around Rs 1.40 crores. “For pushing this low altitude, long endurance aircraft in the air there will be no requirement for the runway. This UAV will be able to take off by running for just 30-50 metres. It will be able to sustain at a height of 2,000 metre and can keep an eye in a radius of 150 km,” Prof Philip said while talking to TOI. The wings attached on both the sides of UAV can be detached and kept in a bag to be transport anywhere, which will make it handy for the police and army personnel. The UAV will use gasoline and solid fuel for flying and will be able to stay in the air for 10 hours continuously. Its body will be made of carbon fibre which will keep its weight low. Fitted with a 28 cc German engine, this UAV will be controlled by an electronic module. Prof Philip stressed on the fact that most of the technology involved with this UAV is indigenous. Apart from IIT-K, Bangalore-based companies are also assisting in the project. He said that the design of the UAV has been prepared by professor AK Ghosh of the institute. Two cameras for functioning during the day and night will be installed. The aircraft will be able to fly at a speed of 120 miles per hour. It can carry a payload of around 12 kgs while flying. Prof Philip informed that after the completion of the project, each UAV will cost Rs 20-25 lakhs. If the mass production of the UAV is done it will cost around Rs 14-15 lakhs, he added.

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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