‘Airbus’s e-aircraft production by 2017′

Global aerospace and defence firm Airbus Group has completed a successful first public flight of E-Fan, its electrically-powered aircraft on April 25 in Bordeaux, France, and, is all geared to get into production by 2017. TOI, which had reported in October last that the aircraft is ready for its public flight, has an exclusive interview with Mr Jean Botti, the Group’s Chief Technical and Innovation Officer.

Why is Airbus Group doing research on electric propulsion? How does it benefit you?

E-Fan is our commitment to further reduce aircraft emissions and noise. Hybrid and electric propulsion will also lead to more economic and efficient aircraft technology in the long run and we want to pioneer this technology. The technical and operational experiences gained with E-Fan could serve as stepping stones for improvements across our product range – for example hybrid helicopter and more electric aircraft in general.

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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