India’s Basant Aerospace to Create Service Centre for IAF’s MiG-29s

India’s Basant Aerospace Private Limited has signed two agreements worth $55 million as part of a general offset contract with Air India, according to itar tass.The first contract worth $43 million will allow the establishment of a service centre in India for the restoration and repair of the Zhuk-ME airborne radar produced by Fazotron-NIIP. And the second contract worth $12 million will create a service centre for the repair of equipment for the upgraded aircraft MiG-29 in India, the report said. The centres will conduct refurbishment of airborne radar systems and aircrafts such as the MiG-29UPG and MiG-29K/KUB and will provide advisory services for the Air India technical staff, Mr Sergei Korotkov, chief executive officer of Russian Aircraft Corporation (RSK) MiG announced today. He added that the next step calls for the creation of a consignment warehouse for aircraft spare parts in India. A service centre for MiG-29 aircraft will be operational in India from next year, he said. “This year we have already provided equipment for this onsite service centre, which was built as part of the agreement, and, starting next year, this service centre should operate in accordance with the contractual obligations that were taken by both sides,” Mr Korotkov added. He also explained that MiG would deliver ten decked MiG-29K/KUB fighters to the Russian Navy by the end of the year and six aircrafts will be delivered to the Indian Navy.


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