French experts to teach aerospace, aviation management at IIMB

French aerospace and aviation experts will teach aerospace and aviation management to students of the Executive General Management Programme which Airbus and IIMB have agreed to introduce at IIMB from this year.  The French experts would be academicians and researchers as well as top management professionals in aerospace and aviation from France’s Toulouse region, the iconic Airbus headquarters and hub for European and world aerospace and aviation research. Toulouse region hosts frontline companies like MBDA, Airbus, GPS, SPOT, CNES, Thales and Astrium Satellites. IIMB can expect experts from all these companies to share their knowledge and experience. Experts say the proposed course can take leads from prestigious institutions IISc, NAL, ADA, ADE, HAL and DRDO in Bangalore, where academic competence, practical experience and expertise are high both in the aerospace and aviation fields. There is a vital difference between aerospace and aviation. While aerospace also deals with the domain outside the earth’s atmosphere, aviation broadly works within the earth’s atmosphere.  The aerospace course management concepts, design and economics related to navigation and guidance of aerospace and autonomous vehicles, optimal and robust control system design (both linear and non-linear), system identification, collision avoidance, trajectory optimisation, remote sensing and evolutionary computing.
Earlier, exclusive focus was on control and guidance, system applications and aerospace engineering. Dominant streams that experts will have to look at in aerospace management are management concepts relating to aerodynamics, structures, propulsion, control and guidance. Bangalore has the best experience in all these fields with IISc running courses in them for over 70 years.

Theoretical, applied knowledge

The aviation programme content will be multi-disciplinary and will focus on aviation management from business, economic, financial, legal, managerial, operational, and planning and policy perspectives at the national and international levels. It will impart core theoretical and applied knowledge required to become effective and efficient leaders in an array of aviation–related fields Bangalore is again the right place to have this course. NAL is the chief designer of the first civilian aircraft in India, the Saras, which is in test flight mode. A special committee has been set up to come out with a new design for the proposed 90-seater civil aircraft, which is supposed to be operationalised around, 2018-2020. The development of India’s first military aircraft, the Light Combat Aircraft, has happened in Bangalore. IIMB officials told Deccan Herald that the new programme’s course design, faculty profile, fees and duration will be decided in about three weeks time, if not earlier.  “We plan to have French experts teaching students at IIMB, along with Indian faculty. We will take inputs from the Toulouse Business School, as well as views from aero and aviation institutes in India in shaping the course and curriculum.  The duration of the course could range from three months to nine months or even a year. The entire package should be ready in three weeks’ time,” an IIMB official said.

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