Inept DGCA’s disregard for safety norms

The absence of an accident doesn’t mean your flight operation is safe. That’s yesterday’s thinking” –Mr Kevin Hiatt, President and CEO,  Flight Safety Foundation For the past 10 years, civil aviation in India operated on the assumption that if we have no accidents, we are safe. The death of 158 passengers and crew in Mangalore in an air accident or the hull losses suffered when aircraft are written off, failed to wake them up.  ‘Accidents’ were covered up as ‘incidents’ to keep the slate clean while records and documents were doctored to keep this charade going. The Regulator was a mere Facilitator, dancing the tune of the ministry and the airline operators. Passengers were put to risk and even the judiciary perhaps failed to rise to the occasion so the lives of travelling public was protected. It took the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) of USA to bring this ill-founded euphoria down to earth. India was downgraded to Category 2 status, an ignominy we suffer because of large-scale corruption, sycophancy and blatant disregard for safety norms. Political interference and commercial requirements of operators took priority over passenger safety. The ministry questions the assessment of the FAA with a counter that India has been assessed as having a safety ranking above the rest of the world. FAA gave India a long rope. Some of the deficiencies they pointed out were made as far back as 2006. They believed that India was making an effort to improve its safety culture. Sadly, the past two years has seen the worst in safety and training standards in India. Self – violation


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