NAL Technologies to Set Benchmarks for Future Projects

As India prepares to give the initial operational clearance (IOC‐2) to its home grown fighter Tejas on December 20, the scientists at the National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) are delighted that over 20 years of their hard work will finally pay rich dividends. NAL Director Dr Shyam Chetty said that the technologies developed for Tejas will set new benchmarks for India’s future fighter jet development programmes. The control law team consisting of members from NAL, ADA and HAL which he heads, had provided decisive leadership in developing the flight control laws including the autopilot, simulation and modelling. The team also developed advanced parameter identification techniques used for flight validation and updating of the aerodynamic database for safe flight envelope expansion of the Tejas. “Fourteen variants of Tejas have completed over 2450 flights. The 17 Test pilots, who flew Tejas so far, have rated the flying qualities of the aircraft as excellent,” Dr Shyam said during his team’s interaction with Express.

 Source: Indian Express

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